Welcome to The Spring 2021 Hamilton County Backyard Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale.

We are excited to offer area residents discounted Compost Bins & Rain Barrels for our Spring 2021 sale. This store will be open through May 3rd to take your order, which MUST be picked up on May 15th in the parking lot of the Madisonville Fifth Third Bank. Pick up will be a limited contact “drive-through” event. See more details and directions below. Happy composting! 

Why Compost?

Food waste and yard trimmings comprises approximately 32 percent of the residential trash going into landfills in Hamilton County.* By composting in your backyard, you can divert about 600 lbs of waste a year. Backyard composting reduces your family's greenhouse gas impact and creates a valuable soil amendment for your garden. Want to learn more? Check out this cool video

You can also look at the Hamilton County Waste Composition Study.    

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

There are several environmental benefits associated with rain barrels. Foremost, rain barrels reduce storm water runoff, this is water that does not soak into the ground and can transport many pollutants to our local waterways. By using harvested rainwater for watering lawns, gardens, potted plants and for washing off patio furniture and tools, rain barrels conserve water. From a gardening perspective, the natural nutrients in rain water make it far better than tap water, which has chlorine and fluoride in it.

Q&A and Pick-up Details

Q: Will it be safe to pick up my order in light of current COVID-19 conditions?

A: Staff or volunteers will approach your vehicle and check you in for pick up while you remain in your vehicle. Staff and volunteers will then bring your materials to put in your car. Please make sure that your back seat and trunk are clear of clutter.

Q: Will a composter fit in my car?

A: The composters come in 2 sections that each measure 16" x 33", allowing us to fit as many as 5 composters or rain barrels in a 4 door car.



9:00 AM - 1:00PM


Fifth Third Bank 5050 Kingsley Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45227